Top 6 things to consider before doing business with ANY Trading Assistant

First, how do you go about choosing a Trading Assistant?-

Here are 6 things to consider before doing business with ANY Trading Assistant.

1. High Feedback Rating – Always look at the ebay reputation, the better the score the more aggressively people will
bid in the auction.

2. Online Identity – Make sure to see if they are part of a well known name or identity, which attracts more visitors to that auction which establishes more credibility.

3. Time in Business – You want to know how long they have been in business, you don’t want to deal with somebody who is just getting started, you want a higher level of experience and longer track record.

4. Sufficient Insurance – If you leave your items with an assistant, you want to make sure they will be insured and safe.
If it’s a very valuable item you want to make sure they have a ‘safe’ to put your item in, to
not only protect yourself but your recommended Trading Assistant as well.

5. High Sell-Through – One of the things many people don’t know before doing business with any assistant, but should ask is: What percentage of their items actually sell on ebay. A lot of people only sell 50% of their items on ebay, you don’t want somebody who is just going to list your item, but is actually going to sell your item.

6. Professional Listing – Finally, ask them to show you their listings. Look at the quality of the lay-out, the photos, the description, to see if you would be interested in doing business with them. If you would be interested in buying from them, then you can feel pretty comfortable in selling your item with them.